What better way to kick off a great new year at your restaurant than with some new menu items? We scoured the internet (so you don’t have to) and discovered what 2021 is bringing to the table.

Pea Protein

We know, we know — protein is important! But plant-based foods and lifestyles are becoming more and more popular, and food brands are adapting to these changes by offering alternatives to animal-based proteins. If you want to serve green protein, try pea protein! It’s completely plant-based but will still give you the protein your body needs.

Creative Charcuterie 

Charcuterie boards have been around forever, with cheese and meat boards accompanying every brunch or girls’ night in. While charcuterie literally means “cold cooked meats collectively,” people have started making charcuterie boards with everything but meat! Try making a charcuterie board of desserts, finger foods, culture-specific foods, or whatever your specialty is.

Bold Breakfast

Breakfast is making a comeback! The most important meal of the day is finally getting the attention it deserves since people have been paying more attention to what they eat in the morning. Pancakes, egg bites, and omelettes are standard favorites, but it wouldn’t hurt to add new breakfast options to your menu to satisfy everyone’s morning cravings.

Cancel Carbs

The keto diet fad brought back low-carb eating, but we think there will be even more low-carb options coming. Carb alternatives, such as cauliflower, have been hugely popular for foods like pizza and gnocchi. Get rid of some of your carbs and try these tasty new alternatives!

Brand New Spreads and Butters

If peanut butter is getting too boring for you and almond butter has lost its appeal, don’t worry! Spreads and butters from creative new food items are growing in popularity, with people making macadamia nut butters and even watermelon seed butters. What new spread or butter will you try making?

Have fun experimenting with these new food trends, and make sure you stay covered up with your favorite Uncommon Threads apron to have fun and stay clean while you cook!