Chefs today focus on artistry as much as they focus on making good food. Good food mimics good art, and creativity is key for succeeding as a chef. Get inspired today by these 3 chefs who are already cooking outside the box.

Grant Achatz

If your plate of food looks more like a painting, you might have recently eaten at Alinea, Grant Achatz’s first restaurant in Chicago. Instead of offering walk-in seating as well as reservations, Alinea only accepts reservations in advance. Why? So that they can tailor each meal to their customer’s choice of 3 unique eating experiences.

These eating experiences at Alinea are as remarkable as art galleries and magic shows. Achatz disguises food as centerpieces, sends out food as floating edible balloons, and even suspends food from wires to keep his guests amazed and surprised at every turn.


Massimo Bottura

With an overwhelming passion for Italian food, Massimo Bottura opened his restaurant, Osteria Francescana, in Italy to cook food that’s all about Italian history, and family. Bottura re-engineers the recipes of Italian grandmothers to create foods that convey a deep love for his country and its history.

Inspiration comes to Bottura in almost every moment of his life. He created a dessert called “Oops! I Dropped the Lemon Tart” after a fellow chef smashed a pastry. He transformed cheese into a fog with a vaporizer after seeing bridges ribboned with fog and imagining the people on that bridge breathing Parmigiano-Reggiano. Bottura’s passion for creative food reveals the imagination that fuels chefs to keep creating new and exciting dishes.


Anne-Sophie Pic

For the perfect blend of the new and the old, Anne-Sophie Pic’s family restaurant in Valance, France creates dishes that reveal Pic and her family’s own culinary identities. Pic is self-taught, and her restaurant Le Maison Pic reflects a style of cooking that is uniquely hers.

Pic’s greatest strength as a chef is her palate. She creates new flavor pairings that may seem unusual but somehow seem to work. Some of her unusual flavor pairings include beets with coffee, venison with candied grapefruit, and turbot with mint and black truffles. Pic’s unique flavor pairings inspire today’s chef to be bold and creative with the flavors they choose and to trust in their own palates.

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