At Uncommon Threads, we're dedicated to keeping you up to speed on everything happening in the food world. This month we’re sharing stories from chefs on the ground in Ukraine, Grubhub’s latest legal troubles, and tips for reducing food waste in your restaurant. Read on and remember to #BEUNCOMMON.

A few months ago, Kyiv was home to an up-and-coming fine dining scene. But now, it’s a warzone with thousands of hungry soldiers. Eater interviewed several Ukrainian chefs who have put away their linen tablecloths and started using their kitchens to feed an army.

The D.C. Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Grubhub for “deceptive business practices,” including obscuring extra fees and listing over 1,000 restaurants on their app without their consent. The food delivery giant claims to support local restaurants and small businesses, but it’s the restaurants, not Grubhub, who end up paying the price.

Hundreds of billions of dollars of food goes uneaten in the U.S. every year. Dallas Henderson, a service industry veteran with 25 years of experience, shares 11 tips you can use for reducing food waste in your kitchen. From using new tech to improving your food storage, learn how you can do your part.

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