At Uncommon Threads, we’re dedicated to keeping you up to speed on everything happening in the food world. But sometimes, we stumble on some interesting articles that aren’t exactly news-worthy. So enjoy this round-up of fun, silly, and insightful news articles—from the eating habits of our presidents, to ice cream perfume, to a fervent defense of prunes. Read on and remember to #BEUNCOMMON.

From George Washington’s taste for cornmeal pancakes to Joe Biden’s favorite dish (angel hair pomodoro), every U.S. president has had some interesting eating habits. MSN has put together a list of food facts about all 46 presidents, including Ulysses S. Grant’s strange obsession and what FDR served to the British Monarchs.


Salt & Straw partnered with Imaginary Authors to create a series of edible perfumes that you can wear or spray on your ice cream for an elevated aromatic experience. Food and Wine takes a close look at these three scents-slash-ice cream toppings: “A Cloud of Cocoa,” “A Plume of Blooms,” and “A Swoon of Citrus.”


A Batman-themed restaurant is strange enough, but what about a Batman-themed restaurant that doesn’t even mention the Caped Crusader or bats? Park Row in London aims to give guests an immersive Gotham experience, with subtle references and Easter Eggs to the DC Comics world. Keep reading from Delish to learn more about this comic book food paradise.


Most people associate prunes with their high fiber, but one writer at Eater thinks it’s high time we acknowledge the delicious potential of prunes. This article examines the recent history of prunes, how they’re made, and the few innovators who are working to give this much-maligned fruit a better image.