Usually when you call customer service, you never really know who’s on the other line. But at Uncommon Threads, we want you to know the face behind the phone. And Deanna McCoy, our Customer Service Manager here at Uncommon Threads, loves getting to know you while she finds your solution.

“I always try to take a step back and listen to the message the customer is delivering, especially if the customer is unclear of what they want. Those are always fun! I usually just let them talk it out and we figure it out that way. After all, the key to good customer service is to listen.”

As a customer service natural, Deanna was expecting her position at Uncommon Threads to be like every other position.

“I pictured Uncommon Threads as another customer service job, but then I met Scott and realized this was going to be a fun environment. Scott is someone who really supports and stands by his people and his customers.”

Deanna also loves working at Uncommon Threads because YOU, our Uncommon Nation, have made her experience different in the best way.

“I enjoy talking to the same customers who call every week, placing their orders over the phone. I love getting to know these loyal customers. It’s like having friends all across the country!”

When she’s not talking to her friends from all over the US, Deanna is enjoying time with her kids and her garden.

“Most of my free time gets absorbed entertaining my kids, so playing Nintendo, Legos, and coloring are my current interests. I do enjoy planting flowers in the springtime. I’m a terrible gardener, though! I show them lots of love in June, start to get annoyed with them in July, and give up watering everything by late August.”

What Deanna can’t give up is her job, because you guys help make it so enjoyable.

“I really enjoy when I can solve a problem or work something through for someone. I love knowing when a customer is happy about a product they received. It’s a good feeling when we’re able to get something out for an overnight on the same day, because we have stock available and a super motivated team. Hearing that a restaurant is opening, knowing their cause, and getting to celebrate their opening with them — these are the direct connections I make with customers. It’s been really fun getting to know our customers here.”

And on the tough days, Deanna has a great team supporting her and years of experience that have prepared her for anything.

“We have the best team here! If it’s busy, everyone is willing to help wherever they can to get the job done. Plus, I feel like if I can survive 13 years of a retail environment (including working through holiday seasons!), I’m pretty much prepared for anything in life.”

Deanna’s preparation and heart to really help our customers is noticeable in every purchase you make at Uncommon Threads. The faces behind our phones want to know you so we can listen to you, celebrate with you, and help you be Uncommon.