Finding the perfect BBQ sauce is impossible — and no one knows that better than Danny, who kept feeling dissatisfied with store brands. But Danny loves BBQ, especially because it’s always been a great way to spend quality time together with his family. So, he set out to create the perfect BBQ sauce: My Dad’s BBQ. And we asked him how he did it.

“My Dad’s BBQ is small batch with more elevated flavors than the typical, mass-produced sauce. We use more expensive ingredients that result in a more full-bodied sauce with across-the-board appeal.”

That’s how My Dad’s BBQ achieves maximum flavor without drowning out the taste of your food.

“My family and friends would describe the sauce as the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, flavorful with a smooth start and tangy finish, but not so overwhelming that you can’t eat it. It’s delicious and satisfying, and it’s great with everything — brisket, pork, ribs, chicken, and fish (especially salmon).”

And Danny made this delicious sauce with no formal training in cooking!

“My kitchen experience is limited. Learning to make BBQ sauce involved a lot of experimentation and a very patient household. We made countless batches of sauce and made everyone taste it. Some were absolutely horrible. Some were good. Ultimately, we combined the best parts of each sauce to find the perfect recipe that made us say, ‘Wow!’ My Dad’s BBQ is that clear winner.”

While Danny doesn’t have any formal training, he has plenty of experience grilling for his family.

“Like most families, BBQ is great family time for us. We collaborate to make the best menus. And our door is always open. Friends and neighbors often just wander in, so we do our best to make sure we have extra food. And when my girls were little, there was a lot of dancing and singing out back. Today, we light a fire and listen to music. BBQ in our yard is still the best way to get us all together.”

Outside of BBQ, Danny has a great relationship with his daughters — even taking a trip with each of them when they turn 18.

“When my oldest daughter turned 18, I suggested we take a weekend trip, just the two of us. It was an amazing trip, and we really bonded. I decided to continue the tradition every year, and I started with each daughter when she turned 18. Every year I look forward to these weekend trips with each kid.”

Danny’s close relationship with his daughters is obvious, especially if you visit the “What Did Dad Do?” page on his website.

“Several years ago, I innocently (or so I thought) posted a picture of myself in a HazMat suit on Facebook. My daughters were so embarrassed, they told me I could no longer do that. I took that as a challenge and thought, “If they think that’s embarrassing, let’s keep doing it.” I once dressed as an Apple employee and helped three people before being asked to leave the store. So my daughters found themselves routinely asking ‘What did Dad do?’”

And just like his “What Did Dad Do?” page, Danny’s BBQ sauce was also inspired by his relationship with his daughters.

“Like everything in life, developing this BBQ sauce was a way to work toward a common goal with my kids (and drive them just a little crazy in the process). My girls play an integral role in all I do and all I am. The name “My Dad’s BBQ” was just a natural extension of my relationship with my daughters.”

Want to try some of Dad’s BBQ for yourself? Visit My Dad’s BBQ to order his amazing, small batch BBQ sauce and check out What Did Dad Do? for some good laughs.