At Uncommon Threads, we’re dedicated to keeping you up to speed on everything happening in the food world. This month we’re sharing fallout from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund in Congress, exciting innovations from the NRA Show, and a surprising alternative to plastic straws. Read on and remember to #BEUNCOMMON.

In May, Congress failed to approve a bill to refill the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF), leaving nearly 200,000 applicants without grants. Thousands of restaurant owners across the country are feeling the effects of losing their opportunity at RRF. Restaurant Dive put together an insightful series of 3 articles about the impact of RRF—a breakdown of the statistical impact of losing RRF, reactions from across the restaurant industry, and one Milwaukee chef’s emotional testimony on the subject.

The 2022 National Restaurant Association Show was full of exciting developments across all facets of the food service industry. Nation’s Restaurant News compiled 6 of their favorite sights, including flying ice cream, free tattoos, and a robot that delivers food from the kitchen to tables.

The environmental impact of plastic utensils has gained much media attention in recent years, with some restaurants switching to paper straws and others eschewing straws altogether. One Hawaiʻi-based company, Loliware, is using seaweed to create biodegradable straws that they hope will eventually replace plastic ones.