At Uncommon Threads, we're dedicated to keeping you up to speed on everything happening in the food world. This month we’re sharing the truth behind small towns and tea, the latest on restaurant subscriptions, and how the future of food is female. Read on and remember to #BEUNCOMMON.

America loves tea. But some new tea shops and nutrition clubs — especially in small-town America — are bringing multi-level marketing (MLM) into the mix. Eater took an in-depth look at the latest colorful beverage movement and how some shops are using their trendy drinks to lure in new MLM recruits.

The Truth Behind Small Towns and Tea

To stand out from the loyalty program competition, Taco Bell has introduced their Taco Lover’s Pass: a monthly subscription service where subscribers can get one free taco a day for 30 days. To increase their digital growth, Taco Bell is only offering this service through their app. And other chains are not far behind.

Discover the Subscription Trend

The F&B industry has struggled with gender parity for a long time, especially after the mass exodus induced by the pandemic. To help remedy this issue, Angela Dodd founded Females in Food. This professional network, talent marketplace, and data-driven platform works to advance women within F&B by building community connections, sharing data insights, hosting webinars, and more!

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