At Uncommon Threads, were dedicated to keeping you up to speed on everything happening in the food world. This month we’re sharing tips for reducing stress in your restaurant, the history of TikTok’s “dirty soda,” and a recent study about “climavores,” people who make food choices with the environment in mind. Read on and remember to #BEUNCOMMON.

According to FSR Magazine, servers have higher levels of stress than doctors, and recent studies show that servers also have a higher risk of stress-related injuries such as a stroke. How can you make your workplace more sensitive to your servers’ needs? What can you do to reduce workplace stress at your restaurant?

“Dirty soda” rose to global fame on TikTok in December of 2021, thanks to pop star Olivia Rodrigo. But the trend of mixing fountain sodas with cream and syrups goes back to the mid-2010s, and it has its roots in Mormonism. Eater breaks down the history of dirty soda and covers how to make your own.


More and more consumers are concerned with the environmental impact of their food, Food Dive says. These “climavores” are people who make food choices based on climate change and carbon footprint. Climavores are not in the majority, but they are a growing segment of the population. Keep reading to learn which environmental issues consumers care about most and how that impacts their food purchases.