There were many (we stress —  many) bad aspects of 2020. But one good thing did come out of that year: a COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine means that the end of the pandemic is finally in sight, and soon you’ll finally be able to fully open your restaurant again! As you look forward to reopening at full capacity, here are some helpful tips that will have customers flocking to your restaurant as soon as they can.

Promote “Welcome Back” Gift Cards

You’ve probably already been selling gift cards to help keep your restaurant afloat, but now you can give a final push with the end in sight. Encourage customers to buy gift cards through exciting “Welcome Back” marketing and gift card discount sales. You’ll create a buzz about revisiting your restaurant, and you’ll be making money ahead of time.

Communicate With Your Guests

Whether in-person, over social media, or through email, make sure you’re communicating with your guests. If you’re not, they may forget about your restaurant — or worse, think you shut down for good. Keep your social media accounts active to remind customers that you’re still here and to get them looking forward to revisiting your restaurant in person with all their friends.

Reinvent Your Menu

Pay attention to new food trends (we have a blog post about them here and introduce some new items to your menu as you re-open. An updated menu will appeal to your customers’ new taste preferences and will also get them excited to be coming back to your restaurant. And P.S., it’s also the perfect way to get rid of old menu items that aren’t as popular anymore.

Get Online

If you aren’t already, make sure you get your restaurant online. Get on food ordering and delivery apps, create an online ordering page on your website, engage customers on your social media pages, and make sure your Google page is up-to-date! Even after your restaurant fully opens, people may still prefer to do things online. Don’t get left behind because you don’t have an online presence.

Use our tips for a successful re-opening and make sure you and your staff are dressed to impress with Uncommon Threads. Good luck and happy reopening!